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Fixine is a well-known brand in the business, with a reputation for high-quality standards, a diverse product line, and low costs. We entered the market with a forward-thinking strategy to raise the quality standards of Polymer solutions above and beyond industry norms. As a responsible edge banding manufacturer and exporter, we are constantly working to create and build a unique quality of extensive range that has the capacity to exceed all of the related customers’ expectations.

Wood Edge Bands, Acrylic Edge Bands, PVC Edge Banding, Banding, Designer PVC Profile, PVC Edge band Glues, and PVC Profile are among the products we offer. We deliver a value for money variety that is appealing in appearance, has a long life in its areas, and is constantly upgraded in its respective quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and develop high-quality products at a reasonable cost while taking care of the environment. We will constantly strive to provide our customers with the highest level of integrity and satisfaction.

Our Vision

With the goal of expanding our distributor network across India so that we can supply only the best products. We aspire to be the world's top firm in the field of PVC Edge Band solutions and to provide quality service to every customer.

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I am very happy with the purchase of the PVC Edge Tape. I was able to get the perfect color matching from Fixine and the quality is great. I would definitely buy more from this company again.

Jay Gajjar

Furniture Manufacturer

Good quality PVC edge tapes, best service and the most important thing – no white line while trimming. I will buy it again. Thank you

Sailesh Agrawal


The PVC edge tape I ordered was great quality. The service was excellent and the size accuracy was perfect. I have used this product in my house and it looks fantastic.

Aditya Varma

Interior Designer
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